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Captain Ruin is a circus punk, a daring escapologist, and a highly skilled sideshow performer. He has a range of sideshow and circus acts available to cater for any style of event. Please use the contact form for more info on rates and bookings.


Handcuffs, straightjackets, upside down suspensions, ropes, challenges from the audience, and awkward conversations - Captain Ruin knows how to get out of them all!

Chains of Isms (8 minutes)

A comedy escape routine that’s sure to have the audience in fits of laughter. Captain Ruin gives a satirical explanation of the “chains of isms”, then escapes via the “power of his dreams”, changing costume in the process and leaving the audience hollering for more! See a version of the act at The Butterfly Club here: youtube



Rope Challenge (6-8 minutes)

Captain Ruin is "The Man Who Cannot Be Bound!", in this classic routine that evokes the golden age of vaudeville. Inviting two sturdy audience members onto stage Ruin allows them to tie him up however they choose with 20m of strong rope, and wagers his reputation that he can get out in the nick of time!



Upside Down Escape (8 minutes)

Watch in awe as Captain Ruin escapes from a straight jacket and chains in world record time, while hanging metres above the floor by only his ankles, in a dynamic and hair raising version of this classic escape routine! Also available as a death defying, nail biting race against the clock with the ropes set on fire! All rigging and technical personnel can be supplied, however this act has specific technical requirements of the venue.

Turkish Handcuffs (4 minutes)

A nice way to warm up an audience, Captain Ruin shares his story of imprisonment while travelling through Turkey in 2011. Never one to pass up an opportunity for mischief, Ruin explains and demonstrates how he managed to break free from regulation handcuffs using only a safety pin! Educational and entertaining! See an early version of the routine here: youtube


Looking for someone to do something daring, dangerous and highly paid? Look no further. Ruin has a massive range of sideshow performance skills, including Traps, Fire Eating, Bed of Nails, Knife Throwing, Glass Walking, Staple Guns and more! Let him tailor an act to your needs!

Blockhead (5 minutes)

Captain Ruin's Human Blockhead is up there with the best. Watch in awe as he performs a "psychological adjustment" using a running power drill. You will never look at power tools the same way again!


Broken Heart (7 minutes)

Sure to get the crowd's heart beats pumping, this sexy piece of sideshow boylesque follows Ruin's journey to mend his broken heart the only way he knows how - unashamed sexuality! Striptease mixed with a little bit of shocking sideshow, Ruin staple-guns his heart back together with the help of a lucky lady or lad from the audience, proving that love is pain!


Rat Trap (3 minutes)

In just a few short minutes Ruin can have an entire audience squirming in their seats as they witness the pain proof physicality of Captain Ruin and his favourite animal traps!


Egg Balance (4 min)

Dedication and patience over years of training and Captain Ruin has mastered the ancient Chinese equilibristic feat of balancing two eggs one atop each other on the end of a narrow wooden chopstick. This act has to be seen to be believed!

 Mabel And Stark (Roving)

The newest collaboration between Bam Bam and Captain Ruin! A fierce and beautiful lion tamer and a grumpy lion play games and do tricks for the audience, in the audience! As seen at Big Day Out 2014.

Tightwire and Highwire

Training in Circus since age 14 as an acrobat and tightwire artist, Ruin has an impressive array of circus skills that make him the perfect compliment to any ensemble. A noted Highwire walker Captain Ruin has set up and walked high tightwires (8m and 9m high) at the National Circus Festival in 2013 and 2011. Why not book something spectacular for your next event or festival and witness this amazing daredevillry!