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Captain Ruin and the impossibly glamourous Jacqueline Furey are the southern hemisphere's hottest knife throwing duo - Furey and Ruin! See Furey and Ruin for more!


Described as 'Australia's Harry Houdini' (John Safran, Triple J), Ruin has been designing and performing escapes for over 10 years. With so many variations to explore - here are a few of the favourites!

The Rollerscape - A straitjacket escape on rollerskates!

Exactly as crazy as it sounds, this audience favourite combines incredible slapstick with an astonishing
escape, and has cemented Ruin's reputation as an inventive escapologist willing to put his body on the line
for entertainment! 

The Upside Down Straitjacket

An energetic take on a sideshow classic, Ruin has performed multiple variations of this routine, including hanging from cranes, swinging in circles - even while set on fire! 



Looking for something a little bit shocking? Captain Ruin has an entire back catalouge of painfully hilarious sideshow stunts that explore the possibilities of the human body in completely unexpected ways!

Cock Lift

It has to be seen to be believed, and once you've watched it, it can never be forgotten! In this outrageous stunt, Captain Ruin lifts a 7.5kg bowling ball using only the most sensitive part of the male anatomy... 

Dark Clown

A swirling vision of magnetic madness, this character has made it's mark at fetish clubs and Halloween events by combining a variety of sideshow stunts such as body piercing and staple gun, with striptease, clown and dark humour.  




'Cheerful Nihilism' Egg Balancing 

In this touching and relatively quiet routine, Captain Ruin creates a beautiful and absurd reflection on the meaninglessness of life itself, while balancing two eggs on a chopstick on the end of his nose!



With the will to go to extreme lengths while exploring the obscure edges of physica performance, Ruin has created and performed many custom acts and routines for fetish clubs such as Torture Garden (UK) and Hellfire Resurrection (Melb), as well as working with major arts festivals such as Melbourne Festival, Harvest Music Festival, Boomtown Fair (UK), Fusion (Germany), Glastonbury Festival (UK), and many more, to create custom characters, experiences, stages and installations. To find out more about how Ruin can bring a touch
of madness to your next event, use the contact button above to get in touch!