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From Adelaide to Melbourne to Tasmania!


I haven't had time at all to update the website - i've been run off my feet managing The Imaginarium - our fantastic comedy venue at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

While I was there I somehow found some time to get in a gig as "The Most Awful Men in History" at the Fringe Club with Samora Squid. Our show teaches how to kill people with household objects as a way of curbing overpopulation. It went down a treat :D

Samora and I also scared the shit out of a lucky audience at The Late Show with our amazing rock n roll machismo aka the most homo erotic Knife Throwing act ever. It had to be done - it was Clipsal weekend and listening to AC/DC just makes me want to kiss men.

And then from Adelaide to Melbourne, on no sleep, I set up some of our

carnival games and fairy floss, and then MC-ed a stage at the Sydney Rd Street Party here in lovely Brunswick. I also got to perform my upside down straitjacket escape 8m high in front of my 3.5yr old daughter for the first time, which was amazing! Here's a great photo of Zak Pidd rocking the Highstriker!

Tomorrow i'll be heading down to Tasmania to appear at the second Festival Called Panama. It's an amazing lineup, run by incredible people and held on beautiful land. Hopefully some of you have tickets, and I'll see you there! We are performign Saturday and Sunday night in the Bedoin Tent .

Stay Freaky folks!


Getting Naked at the Fairground

It's been a great few weeks gigging around Melbourne. Rainbow Serpent was a hoot, and I loved seeing Lulu's new venue "The Strumpet" in full swing. I busted out a last minute sideshow routine after one of the performers fell through, hammering 7 nail into my cranium that had been hastily pulled (and sterilised) from the toolbox beneath the trailer! When there's a will there's a way, and a carny can always entertain :D

Spruiking at Rainbow Serpent
Men Getting naked for Art and Money was up next in the heart of Collingwood. The 86 is the renamed NeverWhere which used to be a sultry little drag venue and now plays host to queer events and great decor. Shame the bar staff are so rude! Tip to the wise - when a show has just packed your bar to the rafters for over 4 hours, entertained them, encouraged them to drink and thanked you on-stage - don't be a bitch to the performers afterwards. Not cool. But the show was excellent! I'm still waiting on photo evidence but I had one ofthe best crowdsurfs of my entire career - 8 naked men bore me aloft from the stage to the bar and back, grinnign all the while. These were audience members who were so into the show that they just had to participate by shedding clothing. Love it!

And then last weekend I performed at the Fairground Speakeasy - a fundraiser for Loki Rickus' research project into access and equity in the performing arts for artists living and working with disability. It was an incredible show, featuring living legends such as Kim Kaos and Annie and Maude Davey, as well as beautiful upstarts including Emma J Hawkins, Raven and the Strawberry Siren. I was super excited to have Emma ask me to perform her comical duo Ballerina act with her - and it was hilarious! Hopefully we'll get another chance to do it soon.

This weekend (13, 14, 15th Feb) the Snuff Puppets show/installation Everybody opens at SummerSalt, on Dodd st in Melbourne CBD. We'll be setting up the worlds largest human puppet for three days of performance. Come down and check it out!

And then it will be on to Adelaide, where i'll be helping run The Imaginarium in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, and performing in pop up spots around the Fringe. More news on that to come. See you at a show somewhere! And remember - take it easy - but take it!




I love how life accelerates over summer, each week flicking by like amazing scenery to some furious motorcycle ride. Fast dreams of running head first and madly laughing, talking until the wee hours to the stars that burn through the cloak of night. I have many shows coming up across the country - why not join me in a world of chaos and wonder for an evening?



Bleak, unsettling and nihilistic BUNKER premiered at the Woodford Folk Festival 14/15, capturing audiences with it's potent, mesmerising imagery and edgy, deranged stunt driven physical theatre. We were told on a few occassions that it was "the talk of the festival"! Opening with a blast of apocalyptic crust punk played live, and followed with an incredible experimental soundtrack created for the show by Samora Squid, BUNKER was a 50 minute onslaught of super-charged strangeness that stole your imagaintion and ran with it to some very unusual places indeed. Featuring acts such as the "Radio Pincushion", a world first performance of Ruin's "Death Machine" escape, Elle Diablo's Fire Eating and Crucifix Swallow and a Knife Throwing routine that literally had audiences fainting from the edge of their seats, BUNKER is off to a fine start. Stay tuned for details of an upcoming season in Melbourne! And in the meantime here is some excellent photos of the show taken by the lovely people from Dog and Fox Creatives. Enjoy :D



The Syndicate presents BUNKER at Woodford Folk Festival

The Syndicate is hugely excited to finally announce that we will be premiering a brand new show at Woodford Folk Festival. After an amazing run taking our previous self-titled show around Australia, we're proud to share the dates for our first run of BUNKER. Three kids, left behind by a suicide cult that thought the world was over, growing up underground, confused and alone. It's going to be dark, weird and kinky (in a Mormon dress-up sort of way). It features live music as well as a whole new soundscape by Samora Squid. It introduces Elle Diablo to our little group of misfits. And there is a whole range of spectacular never seen before stunts, escapes and dangerous feats to witness and wonder over. Drink the Kool-Aid and JOIN US, only at Woodford Folk Festival.

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