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As well as solo performances, Captain Ruin is involved in a number of companies that produce ensemble work.

Current Shows

Relax: Everything's Fucked!
By The Syndicate Sideshow

Watch in awe as these punk rock daredevils go bigger, better and weirder than ever - challenging the boundaries of decency and common sense with spectacular sideshow stunts, electrifying burlesque, incredible escapes and whip sharp political satire. More motivational than a workplace poster! As sincere as a politicians apology! Happier than a nihilistic mining tycoon! Brimming with ideas, wit and anarchistic energy this carnival cult-hit promises to have you roaring with laughter as we push your boundaries, tantalise your senses and subvert your expectations! It's time to Relax: Everything's Fucked!

by The Syndicate

BUNKER is a brand new work of physical theatre that radically pushes the boundaries of popular entertainment to a new artistic level.

Bleak, unsettling and darkly comedic BUNKER has captured audiences with it's potent, mesmerising imagery and edgy, stunt-driven physical theatre. The show follows four siblings who have been abandoned by a suicide cult, and grown up underground, confused and alone. Featuring live music and an original soundtrack, never-before seen escapes and routines, and a cast of strangely compelling misfits, this is a vision of madness by Melbourne's finest sideshow-theatre ensemble. 

Creative Team: Mitch Jones, Samora Squid, Amy Broomstick and Amanda Miller
Premier production: Woodford Folk Festival, QLD (2014/2015).

For more info on BUNKER and The Syndicate see www.thesyndicatesideshow.com


The Syndicate


(This video features the 2014 version of The Syndicate which featured Bam Bam, Ella Bella and Captain Ruin. It played in Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, where we won the Best Weekly Circus award!)

First performed in 2012 The Syndicate’s original self-titled show is a wild vaudeville experience that has entertained audiences around Australia.

Featuring electrifying burlesque, spectacular sideshow and incredible escapes this carnival cult-hit promises to have you roaring with laughter as we push your boundaries, tantalise your senses and subvert your expectations!

“You’re like ‘The Young Ones’ of sideshow!” – Audience member, World Sideshow Festival, Ballarat, May 2015

Creative Team: Mitch Jones, Amy Broomstick, Elena Kirschbaum, Samora Squid and Amanda Miller.
Previous productions: Falls Festival of Arts and Music, VIC (2012/2013); Canberra Centenary Festival, ACT (2013); The Butterfly Club, Melbourne, VIC (2013); Adelaide Fringe Festival, SA (2014); World Sideshow Festival, Ballarat, VIC (2015).

For more info on The Syndicate see www.thesyndicatesideshow.com

Just Us
by Glitch Productions



Just Us is a groundbreaking new Australian work of promenade theatre.

Directed by award winning artist Mitch Jones, Just Us satirises the bureaucratic processes of justice within a compelling and interactive theatrical experience. Using physical theatre, circus, dance, puppetry, installation, music and projections, Just Us presents an acerbic and satirical observation of Australia’s justice system, and those entangled within it.

Set inside a courtroom, audience members are transformed from passive spectators to active participants within an actual labyrinth, hunting down the truth. Just Us features the impressive talents of over 30 of Melbourne’s finest performers, writers and designers. This is one piece of theatre you don’t want to miss.

Premier production: Melbourne Fringe 2014.

by Snuff Puppets



As a member of the Snuff Puppets ensemble, I was involved in devising this show during it’s first development in 2013. I was later offered a position on the 2014/2015 incarnation as Assistant Director, and continue to be involved in the current production. You can find more info on Snuff Puppets via their website www.snuffpuppets.com

The Sideshow
presented with the Village Festival


The Sideshow was a performance installation designed and produced by Mitch Jones in 2011, in conjunction with the Village Festival. It took place in Edinburgh Gardens as part of the Village Festival, and was intended to frame the work of dozens of local artists and performers within an immersive and slightly surreal carnival setting. Although a one shot project, Mitch's work with Glitch Productions has continued in this vein of outdoor immersive spectacles, and interested parties can seek more info via the contact form on this website.

Past Shows

One Night Stand


Captain Ruin’s original award winning solo show was a seductive mixture of forms that led the audience on the entertaining and unforgettable journey of his adventures around the world. Using circus, sideshow, striptease, song, and illusion, Ruin weaves a textured web of stories and humour, blending wry social commentary with honest intimacy touched by absurdist physical play.

Directed by Derek Ives and Rinske Ginsberg, and toured through 2012-2013 this show has now been laid to rest, but could be available for remount in special occasions.

Previous seasons: Perth Fringeworld 2012, Melbourne Fringe 2012, Brisbane festival's Under the Radar 2012, Auckland Fringe festival 2013

Winner of Original New Circus Award Melbourne Fringe 2012

Reviews: “Thought provoking, amusing and highly recommended” – ArtsHub.com.Au, 26.09.2012

Full Cream Circus


A superb circus ensemble gathers in a circular tent to share their stories and exploits with the audience. Drawing together a multi-talented collection of Australia’s finest performers, this is a circus show with grit, honesty and compassion. Directed by Ruby Rowat, and featuring Matthew Brown, Deborah Batten, Jess Guille, Sharon Gruenert, George Filev, Scott Hone and Mitch Jones aka Captain Ruin, this is a cross generational cast with a wealth of experience and skill.

Touring throughout 2012-2013 this show has been laid to rest, but can be remounted on request. Contact Ruby Rowat on trapezista@gmail.com for more info.

Previous seasons: Midsumma festival, Melbourne 2012; Tasmanian Circus Festival 2013; Hoopla Festival, Sydney, 2013

Reviews: “A clever, slightly subversive package of not-so-clean circus fun” – The Age, 24.01.2012

“The show swirls around the top like a well aged glass of bourbon, charming but not too sweet” – Midsumma reviews, midsumma.org.au, 20.01.2012


Good Clean Fun
by Caravan of Dooom

Really, what can you say about the Caravan of Dooom that hasn’t already been said. This was the company that propelled us into alcoholic infamy. The one where we got naked, set shit on fire, crashed cars, put our show posters on funeral homes, stole everything, shat, pissed and vomited on stage, toured the country on motorcycles, pashed the audience, crowdsurfed everywhere and eventually dug ourselves into a hole and died. It was a wild ride from 2008-2011 – a time where everything felt within reach and up for grabs.

By equal turns both seductive and revolting, Caravan of Dooom were renowned for pushing the limits of taste, destroying the boundaries between audience and performer, and creating unimaginable scenarios of playful chaos and daring. Creating outrage, delight and cult status for it’s performers, the national tour of Good Clean Fun became the talk of 2010, and had to be seen to be believed.

I buried this show in a deep hole after our final performance at the Tasmanian Circus Festival 2011. Whether it will ever do a Jesus and be resurrected remains to be seen. But if there’s one thing to be sure of with Caravan of Dooom – always expect the unexpected.


Creative Team: Mitch Jones, Cat Scobie, Wazzadeeno Wharton-Thomas,
With Support from: Blue Lucine, Bianca Mallia (Stage Manager), Bek Clarke (Stage Manager).

Previous seasons:  Under the Radar, Brisbane festival 2010; Sydney Fringe festival, 2010; This Is Not Art festival, Newcastle, 2010; Melbourne Fringe festival, 2010.

Reviews: “I’ve often thought the main problem with acrobatics, and most physical forms of expression for that matter, is a lack of grubby, punk mentality and drunkenness. Thankfully Melbourne’s Caravan of Doom has answered this public demand with Good Clean Fun. As I enter, a roller-skating, rake-thin, tattooed man in women’s underwear offers my girlfriend and I champagne. As there is only one glass left I content myself with having the spilt leftovers on the tray poured into my mouth. Delicious. This sets the scene for the entire show: Funny, irreverent and vaguely unhygienic … The beauty of Good Clean Fun is that it is a wildly punk variety show.” – Guy Hobbes, Sydney Unfringed blog, 23.09.2010