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This page features selected videos of Captain Ruin's various solo acts and appearances. For show promo reels please visit the "Shows" page. 

Strait Jacket Escape on Rollerskates!

A world first slapstick stunt - escaping from a straitjacket while on roller skates!

The Infamous Cock Lift!

Captain Ruin performs a unique and unbelievable feat of strength, lifting a 7.5kg bowling ball using only his cock!

Death Machine or The Machine That May Or May Not Produce Death


Captain Ruin's brand new and world first escape from the Death Machine. Slightly hilarious, but actually ultra dangerous, Ruin must hold his breath to escape in record time and avoid asphyxiation. Available for bookings!

The Upside Down Straitjacket Escape


Captain Ruin's energetic take on the sideshow classic! He acheives this acrobatic and highly dangerous feat in just one minute, without the use of safety harness or trick jacket! Available for bookings where-ever technical conditions allow!

Chains of Isms - Ruin's notorious comedy escape routine!


Turkish Handcuffs - a true story of an escape from Prison!


Captain Ruin MC - like the host, not like the rapper..